Workforce Hub to all Northwest Division TYE and YDM employees!


At *1030C today (06/14/18)* we will be opening up the Workforce Hub to all Northwest Division TYE and YDM employees! This new tool will have functionality similar to current Mobility. Usage by TYE and YDM employees is completely voluntary.

TYE and YDM employees may access this new tool by selecting the Workforce Hub button on the Home page of Mobility.

*Users will have to authenticate again when accessing the site. This is a website like Mobility and will not require any download on the part of the TYE or YDM user.*

Here is a look at what the Workforce Hub Home page looks like:

The following functions will be available in the Workforce Hub:

· Employee Info
· Scroller Message
· Feedback
· My Board Standing
· Board Standing Projections
· Safety, Training, and Familiarization
· Contact Information
· Assignment Information
· Assignment Change Options
· Immediate and Pre-Approved Layoff
· Layoff Overview
· Purge Layoff Request
· Compensation Info
· Ask Comp
· RSIA Information
· Projected Standing History
· Employee Email
· Ask LR
· Pay Stub
· Train Tacker
· Attendance Guidelines
· General Orders/Notices
· Broadcast Messages

As of today this option will only show in Mobility for the *Northwest and Twin Cities Division *for TYE and YDM employees via Mobility. We released the Hub to the Twin Cities Division and have selected the Northwest Division to be the second division we are rolling out to. Moving forward we will be adding more Divisions one-by-one to verify the Workforce Hub will be able to handle the load. There are currently 1,610 TYE and YDM employees who currently have access to the site we want to make sure as we add new users we do not sacrifice any load time performance while increasing the user group. We will continue to work through each division adding more users as we work toward our end of June system roll-out. If you have any issues logging in please let me, Sara Henault (, know and I will get you access to the site.

*Please feel free to forward this message on to your membership!* If any TYE or YDM employees or anyone else has any questions, comments or feedback please direct them to use the Feedback button on either Mobility or the Workforce Hub or send an email directly to me at

Thank you all and welcome to the Workforce Hub!

Sara Henault
Manager I Operations Workforce Mgmt
Phone: (785) 676 – 2036

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