BLET 758-1

Brothers and sisters one of our brothers Bill Mofford had a Unfortunate turn of events in the line of duty as a brotherhood and sisterhood, What’s being asked of you is a small donation to reach our goal to give Bill and his family the peace of mine for some months, To get there life back on track please take the time to consider helping, thank you!

Todd Jacobs

(360) 600-5964

Fwd: Latest Update Thursday Afternoon 9/15

All BLET GCA 150 LCs and Members,


The GCA realizes that all of our members are anxious and have questions concerning the tentative agreement. Please know, that the GCA office has not received a copy of the Tentative Agreement at this time, and does not have any written details beyond what was stated in the news flash and joint statement that was sent out earlier this morning.


You have The GCA’s assurance that when we get the information it will be shared with our Local Chairmen and the membership upon receipt. More to follow.   






Todd Jacobs