Permanent Bid Guide and Implementation

All GCA 150 Local Chairmen,


Attached for distribution is a guide that shows you how to enter an Engineer’s permanent bid. There is also a REVISED TYE Options Guide concerning WFH toggle #2 concerning Assignment and FRA rest, which will be available once the Permanent Bids are turned on at your specific location. The Carrier intends to turn on Turn Removal at your location simultaneously when they implement the Engineer Permanent Bids at your location.


The latest schedule for when permanent bids will be implemented is April 2nd for the remainder of the PNW and April 9th for the Montana and Twin Cities Divisions. Those are the only upcoming Divisions we know of at this time.


All employees should now have access to enter a permanent bid if they want to get in there and test it out, however, until your location gets a broadcast notification of permanent bid implementation they will not be used, read, or acted upon.   


Also attached are 2 Rest Cycle Distribution Guides about 6/3 Rest Cycles only. If your 6/3 was turned on before March 15th, use the Letter Starts with A guide. If your 6/3 was implemented after March 16th, please use the Letter Starts with I guide. 


That’s what we have at this time. If things change or we get additional updates you will be notified.






How to get Help:

1. Help with the functionality of the tool in WF Hub:provide feedback or ask questions using the

“Feedback” button in the hub.


Help with movements made once the tool is turned on for awarding jobs:

Contact Workforce Support; the phone number is under the WF Hub “Contact Information” Dropdown


Help with the agreements:


2. Labor Relations: Andrea  John Rick Flinn


**Please make sure the BLET GCA is copied on any questions to Labor Relations**




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