Multiple Dogcatch (Per the rule you should be notified on your call or call slip that you are D/C more then one train) When you qualify for a 2B fill out form for first out rested engineer for “RD”.


Use this code when 1) mileage of all trips exceed 100miles 2) distance run from terminal to outlying point exceed 25 miles or 3) you are sent out for a train(s) after more then 8 hrs from your last new day.

Wording Examples

“2B Payment. On xxxx(Date/Time) I DCHS first train (Train Symbol). Start MP was xxxx(MP and Sub) end MP was xxxx(MP) for a total of xxxx(Sum of miles). Second train DCHS (train Symbol) qualified for a New Day. Start MP was xxxx(MP and Sub) end MP was xxxx (MP) for a total of xxxx(Sum of miles). Claiming a 2B and an addition PD for each train.” This wording may change slightly as the new day payment maybe on a later train.

Yard / Road: Road
Working Ticket or Special Claim (1B): Working Ticket
CA Code: 2B & FE
Miles to Claim: 130 miles for first train (if only one train and you exceed 100 miles you are due the actual line miles. Example you leave Vancouver goto Wishram you are due 192.2 miles). 130 miles for each train that qualifies for a New Day. Claim code PD for each new day.
Agreement: Rule 14 of the 1955 SP&S Schedule
  • Please state in all claims that you are claiming “Penalty Miles/Claim”. Do Not just state “claiming miles”.
  • The examples may change as agreements change and/or situations.
  • This is not a comprehensive document but a tool.