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We need to make sure that the priorities of Teamsters members are front and center in the 2020 presidential election. That’s why we launched Teamsters 2020 election program.

Over 22,000 Teamsters like you completed our survey and shared your main concerns going into the 2020 election. It is critical that all of the candidates see and hear from Teamsters on the issues you have identified as most important: retirement security, collective bargaining rights, and fair trade.

We are North America’s most diverse labor union. We are 1.4 million strong. Our members have the power to improve the lives of working people and we vow to harness that power to elect a leader who will work alongside us.

Candidates must take our voices seriously. Watch my video and find out how we are holding candidates accountable on the issues that matter to us.

This survey is just the start of our efforts to make sure our members are heard and respected in this election and beyond. To ensure members hear from politicians on core issues, the IBT has asked candidates to sign and return a three-point pledge that confirms commitment to:

  • Advancing legislation that protects pensions and solves the multiemployer pension funding crisis

  • Enacting laws that protect the rights of workers to join a union and bargain collectively

  • Establishing a new trade policy framework for the country that protects all working people

In the coming months, we will reach members in every state through door knocking, phone calls, text messaging, worksite communication and extensive digital outreach, to encourage them to participate and vote in the upcoming election. And we’ll keep pressing candidates until they tell us whose side they’re on.

We’re demanding that all of the candidates listen to our members and support our priorities. Visit our website to learn more about the Teamsters Vote 2020 Program.

We have the power to drive the conversation and ensure that issues that affect Teamsters and working people remain at the heart of the 2020 election.

Thank you for all that you do,
James P. Hoffa

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