Fwd: SuccessFactors and V-ILT in 2021

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Subject: Fwd: SuccessFactors and V-ILT in 2021

This might help a little! Let me know if you need more help.  

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Subject: SuccessFactors and V-ILT in 2021

If you or any of your members have any questions about the below information please let me know. I had my first instance of someone asking for help with V-ILT this morning (they asked 45min after the start of the class) so I am trying to get ahead of this.


For WBTs and other training:

Need to ensure everyone has the SuccessFactors downloaded and synced to their mylearning. This will enable everyone to complete any WBT via their iPads.


For ILT:

Need to have already download the Zoom app. Open the SuccessFactors app and select the Transportation Rules Training; view registration, view details and the instructions for getting on the V-ILT Zoom call should be contained in the with Meeting ID and Passcode for that class.


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