Dogcatching trains inside switching limits (Y-2)


If you are required, when called in STAS (Dogcatch), to relieve a train inside switching limits who’s crew has more than 2hrs left on their hours of service. If crew has 2hrs or less there is no claim.

Wording Examples

“Claim 100 yard miles account instructed by xxxx (TM, Dispatcher, YM) at xxxx (Date/Time) performing the following work: (Explain what you did) on Train (Train symbol) at (Location). The engineer had (Hours left to work) left to work before being DOL. Because this engineer had greater than 2 hours left to work this became Yard crew work per BLET and LR letter of understanding dated March 28th 2005 Bouldra (Carrier) Peirce (Organization) I was called in STAS at the time of this event.”

Yard / Road: Road
Working Ticket or Special Claim (1B): Working Ticket
CA Code: Y2 (1B)
Miles to Claim: 100 Yard Miles
Agreement: 2005 LOU Dated March 28th, 2005 between BLET GCA Chairman Peirce and LR Representative Bouldra
  • Please state in all claims that you are claiming “Penalty Miles/Claim”. Do Not just state “claiming miles”.
  • The examples may change as agreements change and/or situations.
  • This is not a comprehensive document but a tool.