Articles 5,6,7

All GCA 150 Local Chairmen,


Please see the attached formal announcement that the TA regarding Articles 5, 6 & 7 of the 2022 National Agreement has ratified. As you know this was a system vote of all 4 GCAs which passed 76 in favor to 20 against. Speaking only for our GCA, the TA passed with 34 in favor to 8 against.  


The GCAs will now begin coordinating with the BNSF groups in Fort Worth to see what, if any, provisions can be implemented in short order and also the expected timeline of when the expanded rest initiatives (ones we currently don’t have in place) will be fully programmed and made available. The last commitment from the Carrier was they would have all of the assorted additional rest options programmed by the end of the year, we will see if BNSF is still on track to meet that December 31st timeline and let all of you know.


More info will be forthcoming as we have these implementation discussions with the BNSF. Stay Tuned.







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