Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers    
Division 758

Richard E. Etienne
Vancouver, WA


Attention all Extra Board Engineers


Effective immediately, any extra board engineer who works a shift of 10 hrs. or more, has the right to book 12 hours rest. This trial policy will run for 60 days for evaluation. The following conditions apply:

  • The request for 12 hours rest must be made at the time of tie up.
  • Board runarounds will not apply if an engineer behind you on the board goes out before your rest is up.
  • The 12 hour rest applies if you work 10 hours or more on the previous shift.
  • If you book 12 hours rest on tie up, this cannot be changed during the rest cycle.·
  • The crew desk cannot shorten your rest for “manpower shortage” decisions.·
  • You cannot call the crew desk later in your rest and change to a 12 hour rest.

Let me know if you encounter any problems with this  policy.

Thank You,

Richard Etienne

Local Chairman
BLE Div. 758
Vancouver WA.