To recognize and reward fuel efficient train handling practices, the BNSF has developed a Fuel MVP program. Therefore, the parties agree to a new fuel savings incentive program for locomotive engineers.

Each locomotive engineer who applies best practices on an eligible crew district to enhance fuel efficiency and reaches certain fuel efficiency benchmarks will receive a $100 or $50 fuel card for their personal use based on the following criteria:

  1. These awards will be given each month in each eligible crew district / pool based on fuel efficiency performance for the two (2) previous months. All locomotive engineers. operating in through freight service on an eligible crew district/pool will be enrolled in the Fuel MVP program.
  2. To be eligible for a fuel card, locomotive engineers must be working on an eligible crew district/pool and complete a minimum of six (6) qualifying through freight runs on that designated crew district/pool during a sixty (60) day period. All through freight trains are eligible for the program. Fuel goals will be adjusted based on train type.
  3. Engineers who rank in the top 10% for fuel efficiency on their qualifying crew seniority district/pool will receive a $100 fuel card.
  4. Engineers who rank in the top 20% for fuel efficiency on their qualifying crew seniority district/pool will receive a $50 fuel card.
  5. Both fuel card allowances are considered as income and will be grossed up for tax purposes.
  6. This agreement is made on a non-prejudicial basis, and shall not be used or referred to as precedent for any other document or purpose.

This agreement to remain in effect until fifteen (15) days after one signatory party having served a notice of cancellation upon the other party.

Signed at Fort Worth, Texas this 3rd day of December, 2007.

/s/ MH Siegele
AVP Labor Relations
/s/ DR Pierce
General Chairman BLET


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Assistant Vice President
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November 28, 2007

File: Fuel MVP Agreement                                                Side Letter No.1

Mr. D. R. Pierce
General Chairman BLET
801 Cherry Street, Suite 1010
Ft. Worth, TX 76102

Dear Mr. Pierce:

This is in reference to our proposed agreement establishing the “Fuel MVP” program. As we discussed today, it is understood that your BLET General Committee of Adjustment is the only BLET General Committee that has voted to adopt the MVP Program. Pursuant to our previous understanding, the agreement will be implemented on the territories under the jurisdiction of your GCA (Former CB&Q, GN, NP, SPS). .

However, it was also understood that if the other BLET General Committees meet with BNSF to reconsider the MVP agreement and the parties agree to any additional agreement provisions or enhancements, then those additional provisions and enhancements afforded to the other BLET General Committees will be also be afforded to your General Committee.


/s/ MH Siegele AGREED
/s/ DR Pierce
General Chairman BLET