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Lodging Agreement

1. ‘Suitable lodging” furnished by the carder to engineers will meet the following specifications:

  • (a) Rooms will be single occupancy with bathroom and will contain toilet sink shower or tub, with an adequate supply of hot- and cold-running water and a sufficient supply of soap and clean hand and bath towels.
  • (b) Standard size bed with hotel type mattress and box springs
  • (c) It is understood the rooms will be properly lighted, wen ventilated with outside window or windows, and screens. Where air-conditioned rooms are not available, fans will be provided with adequate and controlled heat during the winter season.
  • (d) Windows with movable drapes or curtains of the type that exclude light, and doors that can be locked.
  • (e) Each room shall be furnished with an upholstered chair, desk, lamp and table.
  • (f) Smoke detectors shall be provided in each room or in hallways.
  • (g) Television at the facility shall be available to the occupant

  • (h) Towels and linens will be changed after each Occupancy and room cleaned. The bedroom, bathroom, toilet facilities and towels and linens shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.

2. If lodging facility is located more than three- fourths of a mile from on and off-duty point, transportation shall be provided without cost to the engineers.

3. At points where engineers are entitled to Carrier-provided lodging and lodging is not available, transportation will be provided by the carrier to a point where suitable lodging is available. This will include work trains tying up at other than the source of supply.

4. If no eating facilities are available at or within three-fourths of a mile from place of lodging, transportation to an eating facility will be provided.

5. (a) When engineers are tied up at a point, where they are entitled to lodging or the
lodging allowance and are to be called on duty or deadheaded in less than four hours
from the time tied up, they will be so notified and therefore will not qualify for lodging
or lodging allowance. If not so notified and they are called on duty or deadheaded in
less than four hours, they will be entitled to lodging, or lodging allowance and meal

(b) If an engineer specified in (a), above, is called on duty prior to having been tied up for four hours and for any reason the train does not depart until more than one hour after the on-duty time, the four hours will be computed to extend to thirty minutes prior to actual departure from the terminal.

  • EXAMPLE 1. An engineer ties up at 4:00 p.m., he is called on duty at 7:45pm, the train does not depart until 9:15 PM. The engineer would be considered tied up from 4:oopm until 8:45 PM. and would be allowed meal and lodging allowances.
  • EXAMPLE2. The engineer in the foregoing example departs at 8:45pm. He would not be entitled to meal or lodging allowances.

6. Engineers who maintain their home at the away from home terminal, and therefore do not avail themselves of the lodging provided for engineers at the away-from home terminal, will be provided lodging at the home terminal of the run, if it does not exceed cost at the away from home terminal, or allowed an equitable allowance at that rate. Engineers must notify local officers of their desire to participate in this paragraph 6.

7. If an engineer in road service is operated into an away from-home terminal, tied -up for four hours or more, then makes a turnaround trip and returns to such terminal and is again tied up for four hours or more, each such tie- up would begin a new period.

8. The parties recognize that lodging, at some locations may not be available which will not exactly satisfy all of the specifications outlined in this agreement In that event the Lodging facility which comes closest to satisfying these specifications will be utilized.

9. In the event the General Chairman does not agree that the lodging facilities provided constitute “suitable lodging” as described herein, a prompt on-the-ground investigation will be made with the view of effecting necessary correction. If the parties still Cannot agree on whether lodging is suitable, or whether there is a suitable alternate facility, the dispute may be submitted to a Public Law board for a final and binding decision. Thereafter, the issue regarding lodging at the same location may not be reopened far a period of one year.

10. Nothing in this agreement shall restrict Carrier’s right to construct lodging facilities at any point, provided such facilities shall meet the specifications set forth herein.

This agreement cancels provisions of existing rules and agreements dealing with criteria and specifications for suitable lodging facilities. Existing agreements relating to money payments in lieu of lodging remain unaffected hereby. This agreement becomes effective August 1, 1980 and shall continue in effect thereafter subject to the provisions of the Railway Labor Act.

Signed at St. Paul, Minnesota, this 1st day of August 1980.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

*J. M. Dunegan (S)
General Chairman


Burlington Northern Inc.
A.E. Egbers (S) 
Vice President labor Relations