SIDE LETTER NO. 10                                    June 22, 1994                    File: BN 6/13/85 OPS 16-85



Mr. D.L. McPherson
General Chairman
Union Depot Place, Suite 3
214 E. 4th Street
St. Paul, MN 55 101

Dear Mr. McPherson:

This refers to our discussions of this date concerning the above captioned agreement and related Interseniority District freight service between Portland-Vancouver and Pasco.

(a) In recognition of the reduced earnings resultant from the current rules governing deadheading as contained in Article VI of Arbitration Award No. 458, this provision recognizes and conveys the right to enter into an agreement between the BLE Local Chairman, and the designated Carrier officer, on behalf of engineers working in the pool established by the above captioned agreement, to provide that when an engineer has deadheaded a specified number of times, said engineer may, upon request, be allowed to move ahead in the pool. An agreement covering this subject matter shall specify the number of deadheads which must be accumulated to become eligible for recovery and the number of positions an engineer may be moved up or agreed upon placement in the pool to effect recovery. No additional cost shall accrue to the Carrier as a result of this provision.

(b) In the event the Local Chairman and the local Carrier officer are unable to consummate a mutually acceptable agreement to implement specific provisions relative to paragraph (a) above. avoidance of multiple deadheads by the same engineer in a given pay period will be in accordance with the provisions in the paragraph which follows.

An engineer which has already performed a terminal to terminal deadhead during the current payroll period will not be called for a subsequent deadhead during the same payroll period if there is another engineer with the same home terminal available which has not performed a terminal to terminal deadhead during the current payroll period The involved engineers will be restored to their relative position(s) upon arrival at their home terminal, It is understood that there will be no run-arounds generated as a result of this handling and this agreement does not guarantee that any given engineer will not be required to perform more than one terminal to terminal deadhead during any single payroll period It is also understood that the Organization may notify the Carrier in writing that the procedures established under this paragraph are canceled, in which case engineers will be called and run in conformity with the first in-first out rotation without regard to the number of deadhead trips performed

If this accurately reflects our understanding, please indicate your concurrence by signing in the space provided below.


Sincerely, I Concur:
s/Daniel J. Kozak
D.J. Kozak, AVP-Labor Relations                      
s/ D. L. McPherson
D.L. McPherson-General Chairman