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An engineer who has been permanently assigned on the same engineer assignment in excess of thirty (30) days will be allowed to give up that assignment and exercise his seniority as prescribed by current schedule rules.

Engineers will not be allowed to exercise seniority within the same pool. When an engineer under this article bumps from road service to yard service, he must stay in yard service at that terminal for a minimum of thirty (30) days, seniority permitting.

This agreement will become effective on, 1 February 1997 , and will remain in effect until modified or changed in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Labor Act, as amended.

s/ DL Kozak
Vice President, Labor Relations
s/ DL McPherson
General Chairman




DL McPherson


                            VICE  CHAIRMEN
SJ Bratka
MW Geiger Jr.
D.R Pierce

General Chairman

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                                 J.H. NELSON



ALL LOCAL CHAIRMEN & ASSISTANTS                                         February 24, 1997
(former BN Northlines Merged Properties)
File: 30 Day Bump
 Agrmnt. 2/1/97              

Dear Sirs and Brothers:

Enclosed please find agreed upon questions and answers regarding interpretation and application of the 30 day bump agreement. We believe the enclosed is self explanatory.

Please note in Q&A No. 2 that the 30 day bumps will be made on the regularly scheduled board change day at the location where the engineer desiring same is working at the time. This is contrary to our previous position wherein we advised that 30 day bumps would be executed at the regularly scheduled board change time. Based upon inquiries and suggestions from some of you, and due to the crew offices’ belief that a good deal of confusion would be eliminated by making 30 day bumps effective at the same time as regular board changes are made, this change was made.

Trusting the enclosed will help clarify the intended application of the agreement we remain


D L McPherson
General Chairman

cc: J.H. Nelson, GST/GCA

BNSF Daniel J. Kozak
Assistant Vice President
Labor Relations

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and Santa Fe Railway Company
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February 20, 1997


Mr. D. L. McPherson, General Chairman
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
190 E. 5th Street, Suite 105
St. Paul, MN 55101

Dear Mr. McPherson,

As a result of our discussions concerning the recently implemented 30 day bump agreement, dated February 1, 1997, the following agreed upon questions and answers shall govern application of the agreement.

Q-1 How does an engineer notify crew management of the desire to make a 30 day bump?

A-1.  An engineer must indicate on the prescribed form that she/he desires to make a 30 day bump. The forms will be provided by the carrier.

Q-2 When will an engineers 30 day bump, request become effective?

A-2 The request will be effective 48 hours after submitted (dated and time stamped received). The actual bump, however, will be made at the regularly scheduled board change time and day at the engineers current location.

Q-3 May a road engineer who has exercised a 30 day bump to the yard mark to temporary vacancies in other than yard service during the thirty day period?

A-3 No. Not within the thirty day yard period.

Q-4 Can that same engineer (Question 3) move to a road job within that period if such engineer is the senior engineer requesting it on his permanent bid?

A-4 No. Not within the thirty day yard period.

Q-5 In the event that same engineer (Questions 3 and 4) is displaced from a yard assignment, may such engineer then displace to a road job while junior engineers remain on yard jobs?

A-5 No. During the thirty day period the engineer must exhaust seniority to jobs in yard service held by junior engineers at that terminal.

Q-6 If the engineer in Question 5 cannot hold any yard position at that location, will the engineer be placed according to his permanent bid sheet?

A-6 Yes.

Q-7 What requirements apply to an engineer in yard service who desires to exercise a 30 day bump to other than yard service?

A-7 An engineer must have been in yard service, on one or more yard assignments at that terminal, for a period of thirty (30) or more consecutive days.

Q-8 Assume that an engineer is assigned to an assignment which by agreement is not subject to displacement for a specified period of, for example, six (6) months. Can an engineer occupying such a position exercise a 30day bump off of such job before the end of the six month period?

A-8 No. The thirty day bump rule does not apply to jobs which are restricted by agreement from seniority moves for a specified period.

Q-9 Can an engineer exercise a 30 day bump to displace an engineer on an assignment that is restricted by agreement from seniority moves for a specified period?

A-9 No.

Q-10 What effect does this agreement have regarding existing “Sadie Hawkins” day agreements?

A-10 Such agreements are suspended during the period while this 30 day bump agreement is in effect.


If you concur that the above questions and answers reflect our understanding, please indicate your concurrence by signing in the space provided below.


Sincerely, I CONCUR:
s/ DL Kozak
Vice President, Labor Relations
s/ DL McPherson
General Chairman